Below are some of the most common Chordbot questions/problems.
Please contact us at [email protected] if you have other questions or if the described solutions don't work for you.

Chordbot's manual can be found here


General questions

What happened to all the styles from the previous Chordbot version?

In Chordbot 2.0 all the old styles from Chordbot 1.25 were split into individual tracks that can be combined and mixed independently. Most of the old styles are still available as presets, but some of the simpler ones that mostly consisted of a single instrument (Balladica, Pluckocaster, Plaino, etc.) and some others are now only available as individual instrument tracks.

If you are missing a particular style from the old version you can use this list to find out what tracks you need to combine to recreate them.

Can I use songs I create in Chordbot for commercial purposes?

Absolutely. You are hereby awarded a perpetual non-exclusive royalty-free license to use anything you create in Chordbot for commercial recording and performance purposes throughout the known universe, for any medium that exists now or in the future.

iOS specific

No playback / Play button stops responding

This usually happens if your device is running low on storage space. Check if this is the case and if so try to free up some space by removing unused files or apps.

How do I export songs to GarageBand (mobile)?

Importing/exporting songs

Chordbot songs/song libraries can be exported as JSON files from the export menu. These files can be used both as backups of your songs and as a way to share songs with other users. Song files can either be exported to the iTunes file sharing folder on your phone/tablet, or sent as email attachments.

To access the iTunes file sharing folder:

The files are imported by opening them either from a mail client or file manager such as Dropbox.

To import a chordbot song/library using the stock iOS mail client:

Chordbot will start and ask you to confirm the import. When done the imported song/songs are available by pressing Menu [...] and Open. Importing from Dropbox works the same way.

Android specific

Purchasing problems

If the purchase fails you can usually resolve this by verifying the payment information in your Google Wallet account. You should also get an email from Google explaining why the purchase failed.

Reinstallation on new device

As long as you are using the same user account as when you originally bought the app you can redownload it again without extra charge, even on multiple devices. If you have a recent version of Google Play your previous apps should be installed automatically when you activate a new device.

Import/export problems

Chordbot songs/song libraries can be exported as JSON files from the export menu. These files can be imported on other devices by opening them in a file manager/mail client/browser. When you open a JSON file you should be presented with a list of possible apps to open it with. If Chordbot is in this list, just select it and your songs will be imported. If not, try a different file browser:

AntTek File Explorer seems to work reliably for most people.
Opening from the Gmail client works, but only if you choose to save the file first and then press show.
Opening through Dropbox also works, but for some reason only on the second attempt.

Installation/download problems

First verify that the purchase was successful by checking your Google Wallet account Try this guide if you get a "Download unsuccessful" error or similar when downloading.


Chordbot 2.0 requires a ARMv7 based CPU to run. This includes most devices sold in the last 18 months, but if in doubt you can check here to find out what CPU you have. This means Chordbot can't be run on older ARMv5 based Android devices like the HTC Hero or newer Intel based Android systems like the Xolo X900 (yet). Google Play should filter out incompatible devices automatically.

For unknown reasons Chordbot 2.0 doesn't run on tablets from Zenithink (being researched).

Troubleshooting / Crashing

If Chordbot crashes or freezes on your device you should try the following procedures:

If the problem persists, continue with this:

If Chordbot keeps crashing after trying the above it would be very helpful if you could send in a crash log:

Please also describe when and under what circumstances Chordbot crashed. If you have a less common device from a smaller manufacturer it would be great if you could add some info on the make and model as well. This information will make it much easier to get Chordbot working on your device.

Feature requests

Here's an incomplete, undetailed and unordered list of planned features:

No ETA's can be given on any of these. Chordbot is a one man part time project so development might take some time. If you have requests for other features you can send them in using this form.

Missing styles / Style requests

If there is a style or instrument pattern that you would like to see included in future updates the best thing you could do is to send in a short example of that style as a MIDI-file.

A few bars are enough, no intros or endings required. Record it as it would sound in the middle of a Chordbot track. The patterns have to be repeatable and work with any four note chord. Use only chord notes, no embellishments or ornamentations. Drum patterns can use most sounds in the General MIDI specification excluding helicopter noises, dog barks and similar abominations.


Chordbot uses sound samples from Chris Collin's GeneralUser GS soundfont.
Programming and sequencing by Lars Careliusson.